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Troubled Odyssey of Vietnamese Fishermen

THE STORY keeps changing even as I write, eluding my grasp like a handful of smoke. But let me tell you what I’ve learned, to this point anyway, about the extraordinary group of survivors I call the wanderers from Vung Tau—a people with the special knack of always riding the last wave out to freedom.

Composing but a single thread in the vast unraveling tapestry of humanity to flow out of Southeast Asia in the past six years, this close-knit group of Vietnamese fishermen and their families—numbering perhaps 1,300 persons in all—have made family togetherness the instrument of their survival.vietnam boats

Originally from North Vietnam, this particular group fled to South Vietnam after the 1954 Communist takeover, settled for a time around the resort and fishing town of Vung Tau, then fled again with the fall of South Vietnam in 1975—this time halfway around the planet.

Now they are re-congregating in Biloxi, Mississippi, as one of several groups of Vietnamese fishermen scattered along the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas. But all their troubles are not behind them.

As one of the wanderers from Vung Tau expresses it: “All our lives we have been at war, have known nothing but war. First it was in Vietnam. Now it is here in America—a warfor our people to be accepted.”

The poignant symbol of their exodus takes shape in a dockyard among the shrimp exchanges and cat-food factories of Biloxi’s Back Bay waterfront. Disentangling itself from milky fog drifting in off the Gulf of Mexico, the roughed-out wooden hull of a half-finished fishing boat emerges like an apparition. In the curve of its deck and its sweeping lines there’s a striking amalgam of Oriental and American boat design.vietnam_0

Up on the deck silhouetted workmen move about. The clamor of saws, hammers, axes, and an electric drill rings out on the raw January air in shrill counterpoint to the singsong chatter of workmen’s voices.